Implementing Cisco Secure Access Control System Training Course in Kranj, Slovenia


Ulearn Systems Cisco Secure Access Control System ACS Training V5.6 course is a 3-day immersion into designing, implementing and troubleshooting Cisco’s Secure ACS Solution.

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This course is primarily intended for:

Security professionals, Security Architects, Security Engineers, and Network administrators responsible for securing their networks to assure authorized access only by authenticated users, with accounting of their activities.

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Interactive Instructor –led Online Classroom or Group Training in Kranj, Slovenia
Course study materials designed by subject matter experts
Mock Tests to prepare in a best way
Highly qualified, expert & accredited trainers
Convenient Weekday/Weekend Implementing Cisco Secure Access Control System Certification Training schedules in Kranj, Slovenia
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Course Description

  • What will you gain after the completion of the course?
    Module – 1: Identity Management Solution
    Identity Management Models
    Secure Borderless Network Architecture
    Identity-Enabled Network Use Case Summary
    Product Overview and Initial Configuration

    Module – 2: Overview of RADIUS and TACACS+
    RADIUS Basics
    TACACS+ Basics
    ACS 5.2 Overview
    Hardware Platform Solutions
    Software Platform Solutions
    New, Changed, and Supported Features
    ACS 5.2 Installation
    Installation on the CSACS+ Series Appliance
    Installation with VMware ESX Server
    Using Setup Scripts
    Who can apply for this Course?

    This course is intended for any System administrator or Operator
    Syllabus Offered:

    Topic: Licensing
    Topic: ACS Attribute Types
    Topic: Attribute Definitions
    Topic: Attribute Value Types
    Topic: Predefined Values
    Topic: Attribute Dictionaries
    Topic: Attribute Aliases
    Topic: Availability of Attributes Based on Policy
    Topic: Adding Network Devices to ACS
    Topic: Network Resources
    Topic: Types of AAA Clients
    Topic: Network Device Groups: Location
    Topic: Network Device Groups: Device Type
    Topic: Network Devices and AAA Clients
    Topic: Local Identity Store and Identity Store Sequence
    Topic: Users and Identity Stores
    Topic: Internal Identity Store
    Topic: External Identity Store
    Topic: Certificate Profile
    Topic: Internal Identity Stores
    Topic: Users
    Topic: Groups
    Topic: Hosts
    Topic: Advanced ACS Configuration and Device Management

    Topic:External Identity Store with LDAP
    Topic: LDAP Overview
    Topic: External Identity Stores: OpenLDAP
    Topic: Enable LDAP Diagnostics Log
    Topic: External Identity Store with Active Directory
    Topic: Interface with Active Directory
    Topic: DNS Considerations
    Topic: NTP Server Considerations
    Topic: Considerations of Authenticating Usernames with Domains
    Topic: Machine Access Restrictions (MAR)
    Topic: Windows 2008 Compatibility and Feature Support
    Topic: Testing Connectivity between ACS and AD
    Topic: Group Names Differences in ACS 4.x and 5.x
    Topic: Identity Store Sequences
    Topic: PAP Authentication via Kerberos
    Topic: Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting with TACACS+
    Topic: Shell Profile
    Topic: Command Sets Access Services
    Topic: Service Selection Rules
    Topic: Default Device Admin: Authorization and Identity
    Topic: Monitoring and Troubleshooting ACS
    Topic: Cisco Secure ACS View
    Topic: Monitoring and Debugging RADIUS Authentication
    Topic: Monitoring and Debugging RADIUS Authorization
    Topic: Monitoring and Debugging TACACS+ Authentication
    Topic: Monitoring and Debugging TACACS+ Authorization
    Topic: Debugging TACACS+ Packets and Accounting
    Topic: ACS and Certificate Authority
    Topic: Certificate-Based Authentication
    Topic: Self-Signed Certificates
    Topic: Third-Party Digital Certificates
    Topic: IEEE 802.1x with ACS 5.2

    Topic: IEEE 802.1xOverview
    Topic: History
    Topic: Introduction
    Topic: The Port
    Topic: EAP
    Topic: EAP-TLS
    Topic: PEAP
    Topic: 802.1x Policy Elements (RADIUS)
    Topic: Overview
    Topic: Date and Time
    Topic: Custom
    Topic: Authorization Profiles
    Topic: Authorization: Downloadable ACL
    Topic: Access Policies
    Topic: Service Selection Rules
    Topic: Access Services
    Topic: Identity
    Topic: 802.1x and Windows XP
    Topic: Configure 802.1x
    Topic: 802.1x and the Cisco Secure Services Client (SSC)
    Topic: Configure 802.1x on the SSC
    Topic: Configure 802.1x Single Host Authentication on a Cisco Switch
    Topic: Single Host Authentication
    Topic: Single Host Authentication Commands
    Topic: Cisco Sitch 802.1x Configuration Review
    Topic: 802.1x Troubleshooting
    Topic: ACS, Switch, and Windows Troubleshooting
    Topic: Windows XP and Switch Debug Output
    Topic: ACS Monitoring and Reports
    Topic: System Operations

    Topic: Distributed Deployment
    Topic: ACS Operation Management
    Topic: ACS Deployment Structure
    Topic: Local Operations
    Topic: Distributed System Management
    Topic: Distributed Management Operations
    Topic: Replication Overview
    Topic: Local Operations
    Topic: Log Collector
    Topic: Change Pass
    Topic: word Flow
    Topic: System Administration
    Topic: Administrators
    Topic: Users
    Topic: Operations
    Topic: Configuration
    Topic: Downloads

Course Preview

Course Introduction+
Module 1 – Identity Management Solution Overview+
Module 2 – Product Overview and Initial Configuration+
Module 3 – Advanced ACS Configuration and Device Management+
Module 4 – IEEE 802.1x with ACS 5.6+
Module 5 – System Operations+

Exam & Certification

  • Implementing Cisco Secure Access Control System Certification Training Format

    Course Completion Certificate will be provided


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