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The Ulearn System’s training for PgMP certification is focused to excel in the areas of governance, prioritization, stakeholders and resource management and producing better results in lesser time thereby expanding the project efficiency.
Pgmp certificate holders should have advanced experience, skill and knowledge in budgets, schedules, plans, risks, teamwork, leadership, business strategies and competitions which is possible by right learning.

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Course Description

  • PgMP Training with Ulearn Systems - Course Description

      The Ulearn System PgMP training/certification course will guide the candidates to achieve command over PMI  domains of PgMP certification. These domains include:-

        Strategy alignment

        1. Life Cycle Management
        2. Governance
        3. Prioritization
        4. Escalation
        5. Resource management
        6. Benefits management
        7. Stakeholder Management

      Course Preview

      The Ulearn System’s training program and courses for PgMP Certification professionals will have total focus on improving skills for -+
      test preview+

      Exam & Certification

      • What do you need to be a PgMP certified Professional ?
        • Program managers should build up a credibility and a rapport along with clear and effective communication between stakeholders at multiple levels. Stakeholders also include people from other organization or from a very low or high level.

        • Should initiate projects, plans and schedule them with effective working strategy and goals.
        • Assign to and cooperate with other project managers to manage performance of projects
        • Ensure the success and efficiency  of the project.
        • Maintain a check over business strategies and objectives while progressing in a project
        • Make recommendations and be flexible to modifications in the project to improve the quality and level of the results.
        • Have proper sharing and coordination among stakeholders, resources and team workers to ensure assured success
        • Have cross-cultural and multi-dimensional values and knowledge to excel in any working scenario
        • Have leadership qualities, proper and effective communication with both teams oriented and goal oriented aspects.
        • Must have the desired skills for negotiations, conflict resolutions and influencing the mass


      How to become a PgMP certified professional?+
      Program Management Experience+
      What is the PgMP Exam Blueprint?+
      How is the domain 2 classified further?+
      What is the standard method of administration for PMI examination? +


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