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Ulearn System's Offer  Cisco Email Security Appliance Certification Training Course

ASESA v2.1 is a comprehensive three-day hands-on training course that prepares students to install, configure, operate, maintain and perform basic troubleshooting of the Cisco Email Security ppliance (ESA) and to maintain email security in small to medium-sized and enterprise deployments.

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Course Description

  • What will you gain after completion of this course?

    ·         Understand the Placement of ESA - System Overview

    ·         Installing ESA

    ·         Administration of ESA

    ·         Controlling Sender and Recipient Domains, Spam with Sensor Base, and Anti-Spam

    Setting parameters for:

    o Anti-Parameters

    o Virus Outbreak Filter (VOF)

    o Mail Policies

    o Content Filters

    o Preventing Data Loss

    o Authentication, LDAP, and Encryption

    o Message Filters

    o Using Quarantines, and Delivery Methods

    o Clustering an Environment

    o Troubleshoot ESA

    Who can apply for this Course?

    ·         Security Architects & System Designers

    ·         Network Administrators & Operations Engineers

    ·         Network or Security Managers responsible for Email Security

    ·         Cisco ESA Customers

    ·         Employees

    ·         Class Prerequisites


    Syllabus Covered: Securing Email with Cisco Email Security Appliance (SESA)


    Module – 1: Reviewing the Cisco Email Security Appliance


    Module – 2: Administering the Cisco Email Security Appliance


    Module – 3: Controlling Sender and Recipient Domains


    Module – 4: Controlling Spam with Cisco SensorBase and Antispam


    Module – 5: Using Antivirus, Advanced Malware Protection, and Virus Outbreak Filter


    Module – 6: Using Mail Policies


    Module – 7: Using Content Filters


    Module – 8: Preventing Data Loss


    Module – 9: Using LDAP


    Module – 10: Using Authentication and Encryption


    Module – 11: Using Message Filters


    Module – 12: Using System Quarantines & Delivery Methods


    Module – 13: Understanding Clustering


    Module – 14: Troubleshooting

Course Preview

During the course, students will learn how to Install, Configure, Operate, Maintain, Administer, and Troubleshoot the Cisco Email Security Appliance. Students will also be provided with in-depth instruction on the ESA’s features, learn Advanced Internet Email Security Concepts, and gain an understanding of how to customize ESA configurations for their organizational needs.+


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