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Ulearn System's Offer DevOps Certification Training Course Maua, Brazil.
This course features introduction to DevOps which details the culture and professional changes. You can enroll for DevOps Foundation Training and Certification course in Maua, Brazil This course is perfect for professionals who are interested in gaining effective information on fundamental understanding of software development and IT operations.

Ulearn Systems provides an introduction to DevOps – the cultural and professional movement that stresses communication, collaboration, integration and automation in order to improve the flow of work between software developers and IT operations professionals. Improved workflows will result in an improved ability to design, develop, deploy and operate software and services faster.

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We deliver DevOps Training in Maua, Brazil classroom and live online classroom modes.

Key Features

Interactive instructor-led DevOps Certification Training Course in Maua, Brazil
Qualified and certified knowledgeable trainers
Subject matter expertise study guide
Case studies and industry best practices
Sample most tests for better preparation
99% Pass Guarantee Success
Convenient Weekday/Weekend DevOps Certification Training schedules in Maua, Brazil

Course Description

  • DevOps Certification Training Course Description
    DevOps popular training course will help you become fully proficient and deploy the DevOps principles and tools in a software enterprise. You will be learning the techniques of successfully integrating the IT development and IT operation departments. This DevOps instructor-led training will help you understand how to communicate, collaborate and automate key processes and systems in order to create synergies for creating faster and better software solutions.

    What you will learn in this DevOps online training course?

    • Introduction to DevOps environment & its needs
    • Installing and configuring various common infrastructure servers
    • Monitoring DevOps performance metrics & success factors
    • Deploying software version control & build management
    • Automating backups & data storage practices
    • Kubernetes for managing containerized applications
    • Deploying key DevOps tools like Docker, Puppet, Nagios, Chef, Ansible
    • Studying automated system update and DevOps lifecycle
    • Optimizing communication, workflow and feedback loops
    • Deploying infrastructure as a code for server management
    • Understanding virtualization, and performance fine-tuning
    • Setting up the right security for the entire infrastructure

    Who should take this DevOps training course?

    • IT Developers & IT Operations personnel
    • Software automation, testing and security professionals
    • DevOps consultants and stakeholders

Course Preview

Chapter 1: Introduction to DevOps +
Chapter 2: Maven - Build Automation Tool +
Chapter 3 - Deployment Environment - Tomcat Web Server +
Chapter 4: Artifactory Repository Management - NEXUS +
Chapter 6: Jenkins - Continuous Integration Tool +
Chapter 7: DEVOPS: Ansible +
Chapter 8: Containers - Docker +
Chapter 10- DEVOPS Engineer Activities +

Exam & Certification

  • DevOps Training Course Exam Format

    1.     Multiple choice question

    2.     40 questions per paper

    3.     60 minutes time duration

    4.     Minimum passing marks is 26 i. e. 65% requirement

    5.     Closed book method( Referring other books are not allowed )


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